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Ajit had become Orthopaedi-cally impaired, after a freak accident, in his childhood. After completing graduation, he approached VRC-H, kolkata, in 2003, to seek guidance, to streamline his future Read more




To evaluate the disabled persons, to unfold their full residual potentials. To assist the disabled to develop rehabilitation plans, depending on their specific needs and to assist through Government & Non-Government agencies for rehabilitation services. To ascertain the medical, psycho-social and vocational needs of the Persons with Disability, for mainstreaming them into the community, successfully. To demonstrate the abilities of the disabled successfully on competitive vocations, utilizing their residual functional abilities.



To co-ordinate with various Government and non-Government organizations to promote speedy rehabilitation of the disabled by providing training, job and self-employment services. To stimulate and promote the planning of the rehabilitation services and to develop community responsiveness to the rehabilitation programmes. Selective placement of the disabled suited to their residual capabilities. Identification of jobs, suited to the disabled. Organize seminars and workshops for orientation and training of professional and non- professional, in the field of vocational rehabilitation. Networking of Government and Non-Government agencies for speedy rehabilitation of the disabled.