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Ajit had become Orthopaedi-cally impaired, after a freak accident, in his childhood. After completing graduation, he approached VRC-H, kolkata, in 2003, to seek guidance, to streamline his future Read more




      Evaluation : The Centre has qualified professionals, with optimum infrastructure, to undertake comprehensive professional assessment, in the following areas, to obtain a holistic profile, on the abilities of the disabled.

Physical/Medical evaluation,Psychological evaluation,Socio economic evaluation,Vocational Evaluation


1. Institutional Training- ITI/Polytechnics & other institutes – 3% reservation.

2. Non –formal training – Provide adequate skills to facilitate economic resettlement to those who could not receive required formal education to enter formal training institutes. This will also equip the PwDs with necessary industry acceptable work traits for smooth inclusion in open stream.

3. Skill training- Provided at the centre – 3 months to 1 year – to demonstrate the abilities of PwDs on normal job operations given the right opportunity at the right time.

4. In plant training – skill development at the employer’s establishment.

5. CBVT – Short term skill development ( not less than 3 months )specially designed by VRC in collaboration with active NGO’s to suit local demands .