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Ajit had become Orthopaedi-cally impaired, after a freak accident, in his childhood. After completing graduation, he approached VRC-H, kolkata, in 2003, to seek guidance, to streamline his future Read more



Non-Formal Training:-

The aim of this training is to provide facilities to the persons with disability, for acquiring skills and competencies, to enhance the scope of employability. The training is provided in the following sectors and vocational trades.

1. Skill Training- Provided at the centre – 3 months to 1 year – to demonstrate the abilities of PwDs on normal job operations given the right opportunity at the right time.

Carpentry/ Book Binding/ Chair Caning

Metal-Fitter &Turner

Radio/TV Repairing and servicing/Repairing & Servicing of Domestic Appliances

Cutting / Tailoring/ Embroidery

Commercial-Computer Application, Stenography & Typing

 2. Community Based Vocational Training- Short term skill development (not less than 3 months) specially designed by VRC in collaboration with active NGO’s to suit local demands.

 3. In plant Training- skill development at the employer’s establishment

 4.  Institutional Training- 

Formal Training:-

 1. Counselling and sponsoring to  ITI/Polytechnics & other institutes – 3% reservation. 

 2. VRC-H, Kolkata is a registered Vocational Training Provider (Reg.No.419170015) for Persons with Disability,

 under the Modular Employable skill (MES) program. MES allows skill up gradation, multi skilling, multi entry & exit,  vertical mobility and lifelong learning opportunities in a flexible manner.